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What the Critics Say

Here is what the critics had to say about the original production in New York in 1996.

"A delightful musical . . songs . . . so reminiscent of that era. It's hard to believe they are so new. . . a fabulous album."

 Ed Z. Pell, Host, Nationally Syndicated Program, Seems Like Old Times

"Songs like I Think I'm Falling For You and Say Farewell sound fresh from 'Your Hit Parade.' There’s plenty to be grateful for in the melodic, chipper pace that keeps its ambitions low and delivers." 

Erik Grode, Back Stage

"Fox’s score brings back plenty of memories of the big band era, with the attractive and nostalgic title song, Who Cares, Just One More Time, Funny, Say Farewell, and Home for Christmas, and Looking for the Sunshine." 

Max O. Preeo, Show Music

"Effortless fun. . . A refreshing walk backwards told through wholesome songs of love and the patriotic spirit . . cotton candy; a rare treat that's amusement park fun." 

Boice Terrel Allen, Washington Square News

"Word of mouth has brought audiences to cheer for this good natured tale of wartime romance. . . Songs like Who Cares, An Old Time Girl, Say Farewell, or Worry About the Blues Tomorrow are well crafted; in another time, they'd be potential 'Hit Parade' material." 

Carolyn Albert, Singles Almanac

"The better memories of a bitter time. . . unabashedly nostalgic. . . a musical that celebrates a younger and more innocent America . . .go see it." 

Tom Nicholson, The Resident

"TAKE IT EASY, the nostalgic off-Broadway musical hit evokes songs, dances and romances of the World War II era." 

New York Native 

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